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Train yourself to the luxury codes

Luxury codes

Elysées Marbeuf has introduced an innovative training course, available exclusively online, to help you decipher luxury codes.

The Luxury codes programme gives insights into the practices, stances, attitudes, moves, and verbal and digital communication characteristic of the luxury sector.

You will find out about the values of French and foreign luxury firms; the symbols of all that is exceptional, tradition and innovation. You’ll meet the leaders, designers and those who embody luxury and who will impart their know-how.

The digital, multicultural era has shaken up the codes of the luxury industry, fuelling new expectations and requirements that brands need to adapt to.

This training course on Luxury codes will cover the specific skills required by hiring firms, giving you an essential edge in the jobs market!

Training course content

e-learning course

The Luxury codes training course is run exclusively online and can be followed using a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Educational content remains available for one year, so you can learn at your own pace.

Who can sign up

This programme without pre-requisites caters to:

  • people wishing to work in the luxury sector,
  • professionals working in the luxury sector who wish to further hone their skills.

Skills developed

The interactive course has been designed for students to gain a better understanding of the luxury sector and give you the means to meet the expectations of luxury sector stakeholders.

You will grasp the particularities of the luxury sector, embracing brand values and learning to magnify the client experience whatever your function in the firm.


This training course will boost your professional performance and help you obtain the Luxury Codes Certificate awarded by the Ecole Elysées Marbeuf as confirmation of the knowledge you have acquired.

This certification will open up new career opportunities in fashion and accessories, jewellery, hospitality, gastronomy, automotive industry, wines and spirits, yachting, etc.

You will stand out over and above other applicants!

The course

Elysées Marbeuf

For over 65 years, the Elysées Marbeuf school has trained professionals working in the luxury and beauty sectors.

Elysées Marbeuf is committed to educational innovation, partnering annually with the Observatoire des Métiers to design new training courses that fit corporate needs.

The Luxury Codes training course highlights France’s key role in leveraging and perpetuating savoir-faire in our lines of business embodying excellence à la française.


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